Monday, December 31, 2001

I saw Vanilla Sky tonight. Good movie - yea parts of it were kinda perdictable but i want ruin anything for anyone. A few things though that i realised about it. I love Penelope Cruz - oh yea i knew this already but i really love this woman. She has this amazing natural beuaty that could captures you (well it does me). And to that point i love that kind of girl - the girl that is striking but not overwelming. The girl that has oodles of style (its the wrong word but i will use it for now ) but looks most beautful with a sweatshirt on curled up on a couch. The girl next door but in another town.

Another thing i noticed is that movies that have a real tense feel to them seem to excite me. And make a lot of other people mad. They hate a movie because they felt uneasy - yet i relish in it. Of course some movies use this technique perfectly and everyone loves it but i usualy even like the movies that only do it ok like Vanilla Sky.

Well that sums up my night pretty much.

Sunday, December 30, 2001

There has been a bird chirping in my ear lately concerning Wireless Networking, thank g-d this bird has a website, 80211b , to express his views. I have also been looking at Boingo Wireless . Very intersting stuff. I mean there just seems to be this amazing idea of not being tied down. The ability to walk around your apartment and use a labtop or computer anywhere while always on the network. Want to run a closet server - sure just find an outlet - put in a wireless PCI card and you are set. And then it starts to get clearer. With a service like Boingo you can go around to different points in the city that you live - the airport, a hotel, a coffe shop - and you can use your laptop there - with authentication and all. All this searching around even showed me that there is already an access point on my block! True it is a commercial MobilStar account in a Starbucks but still it is there. So i called Boingo and found at that they are definitly in talks with MobileStar and hope to get them signed up and under the Boingo umprella soon.

I don't know about you but this is exciting, and i haven't even bought anything yet!

Saturday, December 29, 2001

The wonder of blogs

I am starting to understand - even if nobody reads what i write here. This is my journal. It is easy to use, rather easy to read, and well maybe someone will stumble in from google one day, That makes me smile. Just thought i would share that.

I am definitly feeling it. You know that feeling that you really want a new computer. I want not only one new computer but i think (gasp!) i want two. BUT then i would be happy well for awhile. I want an ok windows box - you know a good one with a HUGE drive and a nice graphics card. And then the real perl is the other thing i want. I want an ibook. It just came to me. I mean i guess i knew it would happen at some point with all the cool stuff i have been seeing coming out of Apple but still it really surprises you when you out right say that an ibook with OSX is what you want. First it is so damn perty. Second it is pretty well priced. I mean helll yea i would love a Titanium but i don't have that kind of money. But an ibook at 1100 or so well thats in my range (inceidently the ibook i priced was more lik 1600 - hehe) . So yea i find myself wanting - hey we are all selfish minded people somewhat - and sometimes it really starts to mess up your head. I think today is one of those days - i need to stay away from my credit card today.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

today is always a pretty good day for me. I get off work - thats a plus. The world is pretty happy - i mean they re all getting presents. And being jewish i pretty much have very little to do today, what else could you ask for.

Saturday, December 22, 2001

ok...visual confirmation of mouse. So i thought it was funny that i was baricading my room up. Ha Ha i thought. well so did the mouse. Thats why he burroghed under my door and through my clothing baricade and said hi. He/She is small but boy did it send me running. We procreded to play a game. I game towards the door - then it came out then we both run away. Until it came all the way out to another part of the arparment. Oh boy why did this have to happen on friday night. Tomorrow is saturday - the land lord won't be able to get some here probably till maybe monday and thats christmas eve!! oy vey. Sleeping is going to be tough tonight. I mean it can come into my room! Well wish me luck
we have a mouse. No i have not seen it yet - but my friend that was out in the living room/kitchen all night playing xbox saw it. Thats proof 1. Proof 2 - i saw what looked like mouse droppings when i came home tonight. Proof 3 - i can hear something inside the oven. Crazy that i get so worked up about a mouse - its just one of those things that drives me nuts - i mean if i was to see a mouse outside - no problem. Or if it was someones pet and they showed me - i might even pet it. But when its living in my house - and i don't know where it is or what it is - it just bothers me a great deal. And its even harder to deal with when you are the only one in the house. But roomates come back tomorrow (hopefully) so instead of playing games out in the kitchen with mickey all night long - i am going to go into my room and go online and read. And yes i have something infront of the door to keep everyone away. So sad.
being sick is never fun - BUT its kinda cool just being sick and turning your back to the world - curling up into a blanket and going to sleep.

Friday, December 21, 2001

sometimes we forget. Forgeting the past will happen but the cataloging that is going on with the internet serves as an interesting reminder. Go ahead look yourself up in google groups. You will probably be pretty surprised. I know i was. I don't remember posting this but there it is - clear as day.

yea i was a pretty big fan :) Enjoy memory lane - its getting wider every day

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

sometimes i feel like i am talking to myself. Then a calm comes over and i realise that this is ok - its even fun. On another note, tonight while walking home i heard the usual sound of a cop going through an intersection. The cop beeps this loud siren a few times and everyone stopes so the cop can go through - even though usualy they are not going to a particular place they just want to go through traffic. So i turn and see that its a cab doing this!! The cab was a converted cop car. I mean that is balls and the funny thing is that the car near the cab was pushing foreward fighting tough. Crazy stuff.

Monday, December 10, 2001

this is pretty cool - i should use this somewhere:
Its a good day, its a nice day, its a fun day, its not even day. Happy Hanukah

Saturday, December 08, 2001

Dogs are amazingly very friendly in New york. I am finding that when i walk around, i pet lots of strange dogs and the dogs are always so happy! It is somewhat surprising really -considering the dogs don't have as much room to stretch but i guess because of all the people on the streets they just get use to others. But its more then that. I was watching dogs walking so nicely with their owners. No pulling or stuff like that. Even the puppies are doing ok. I saw a real big young ridgeback, and he was acting so good (except when people like myself started to pet him - then he just went nuts). I feel like i have learnt something very important today concerning the thought process and behavoir of dogs. well then goodnight

Friday, December 07, 2001

I am learning that moving towards new and better tecnologies within software development is not has hard as i sometimes think. I also muse and woo certain "new" stuff. Like SOAP for instance. I see the benefits of it and the freedom it brings but sometimes i feel well that is hard to integrate into applications that I do. WRONG! It is easy. You start from the ground up building SOAP like web services where you can. It starts small and then builds. Its a mind set really. Just wanted to share that with the world