Thursday, January 31, 2002

Bono of U2 spoke at the Economic Forum today. He spoke against rich goverments forgetting their people who many times are very poor. Part of me feels that he should be outside with the protesters. He could really rally together a crowed I bet. But another part of me see this as smart. Inside the Forum they need people to bring topics up and make people think. Maybe i am naive to think that anyone will listen but thoughts have to be planted sometime.
Legos are mod as my friend Greg would say - and this video shows it: The White Stripes. I wonder how long it took them to make it.
Blogger templates are bothering me - nothing seems just right. I know what it is - i am jelous of the Radio look. Ha - I still love you blogger. The monkeys are cute but will probably run away soon

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

I miss Elly...She's so cool

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The old site (actually one of the old sites) : - wayBack

Looking back can be fun. But Elly can't stay away from the web for least i hope not.
Please no clapping till the end of the speach

Yea i know - part of the State of the Union is to "Rally the troops" and the clapping helps but i just feel that more could be said and taken in by the audience if the clapping was saved to the end. Just a thought.

Also George W. always looks lost. Back to paying attention.
"If you program in C you must submit to the Web. It doesn't matter if you're Microsoft or Dave Winer. You can't turn a Web developer into a C developer, even if you change the name to Java. And you can ruin the browser market, and try to stuff it in the trunk, but it won't fit no matter how big the trunk is." Wow

Sunday, January 27, 2002

When you have something to share, share it in style and breadth : Choronology of Animation

Saturday, January 26, 2002

.NET services created in Visual Studio .NET and then converted to Java byte code. Hmm if it works and works consistently then I think it could be pretty useful. But it seems like Microsoft will try to make this a trival product. Changes in the .NET platform can cause this to break. We will have to see, hey at least I signed up for the beta test. Check it out - Halcyon
I should have done better - but this is hard. I guess i just have to drink more!
weekends are for resting - HA. weekends are for lists. I have mine (i alwasy do) - the question of every friday is "How many things on the list are actually ging to get done??"

Monday, January 21, 2002

I feel i have a lot to say. I just returned from sunny Florida. A nice place indeed but I have always taken it for granted because of the frequency that i go (grandparents lived there). But i sometimes forget that it really is nice to be in the middle of the winter and sitting on a beach in 75 degree weather.

Celebrated my grandfather's 90th birthday. I never doubted he would make it to 90 but i guess i always did question whether he was going to be as active as he still is. I mean the guy went to the gym 3 times a week LAST year. That is amazing really.

Realised something from this weekend. Women - they are amazing, but there is definitly a distinction between women that are just plain good looking and women that have something speial. Hard to describe really but i think it has to do with eyes. When a girl has mysterious eyes my brain shuts off or something. Its not that simple really but i have been playing this game lately - i look at girls and just say yes or no - Is she in the truly amazing category or in the other category. The most amazing thing is the truly beautiful girls that i sometimes put in the other category. Really is showing me a lot about my taste in women.

Why do i feel like i have jet lag - i didn't cross any time-zones

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Is this a journal ?
We try and we try to stay well but it just never seems to work out very easily. I feel good lately but almost everyone around me is sick. And when i say i feel good - i am overlooking the cough in the morning and the sour throught. I am able to overlook this i guess because people are cowering in the corners of their bedrooms with 102 fever. viva la Echinacia
we try and we try to stay well. At least most of us do. I don

Monday, January 14, 2002

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Go see the Royal Tanenbaums. I loved this movie. Not all people will i guess but most will. It was so well crafted. From the acting to the script - everything. The jokes were there but the funny scenes just start to come to you. In the theater people were laughing at different stuff. I noted that more then once i was the only one to laugh out loud with a certain line. I want to see this movie again. And did you know that Owen Wilson helped write it and produce it - while also being in it. Not bad.

Sunday, January 06, 2002

Tobasco as an Open Standard

I was reading a good Dave Winer piece the other day, read it here , and started to think about standards and the open nature of some products. This was all newly swimming in my head when i went out to eat to a vegetarian place in the village (kate's joint). On the table are big bottles of Tabasco. I love the stuff. It is spicy but not too spicy. And here is the clincher - i can use it on almost anything. So i look at the bottle and on the back they have a large list of foods that Tabasco will work on. Everything from eggs,vegtables,and chilli - to odder things like chips,soup, and salad. See by opening up the possibilites of their sauce (by making it a well rounded sauce) Tabasco has become like an open standard. Not in a sence that others can use their recipe but that in all your cooking you can use Tabasco in some way. Flexibilty! Do you see A1 being used all over the place? Not really - it is used primarly at steak places. So the lesson here today is: watch for versatiltiy and an open nature in all things - not just your latest and greatest software.
So my computer is working again. Kinda. It crashed a few times but for the past 2 hours seems to be fine. I took out a chunck of memory that use to cause problems and things seem to be ok now. I think that the fan problems are still there but they were not causing me not to be able to boot. Oh all i know is i think i wanted my computer to be unbootable so i had to buy a new one - but now i wait - thinking about my purchase for way too long.

Friday, January 04, 2002

Having no computer is hard to deal with. My computer completly died - i think its the fan and power supply but basicaly that means that its done - i need a new computer - wish i had just a little more money so buying my dream ibook was easier. I have a few days to decide i guess but soon a new computer will hopefully be in my house - all shiney and all. I am going to the store this weekend (J and R) "just to look around" . One other problem - at some time i will need another windows machine too - just for some of my programs and some development. I will probably just pick up a nice cheap athalon or something. Oh choices - choices! In the end this stuff don't matter but it sure is damn fun.