Thursday, February 28, 2002

Moving toward a standard

Today i was sitting with others at work rooting through our code trying to get rid of the last few bugs in our recent update. The bugs were only visible in Netscape - some were seen in 4.7 other were visible in 6.0 . This scene is all to familar for many web developers. The different browsers as we all know are not really compatible. Companies are opting to tell clients that the site is only viewable with say IE 5.5 or higher. To me this is almost equivalent to creating a desktop application.

I don't want IE to become the only browser out there. When i first downloaded Opera i was so happy. It was F-A-S-T . It had new and cool things i wasn't used to. Gestures are brilliant and I miss them. But why did i stop using Opera? It just didn't render a whole bunch of sites. Signing on to many sites no longer worked. Very frustrating indeed.

This problems plauges many - it just struck me as one that is not going away. Standardization among all browsers is not going to happen any time. I guess using RSS feeds , XML-RPC and like technologies have brought wonderful words into my vocabulary - interop, standards, templates.

It makes me want it all - is that too much to ask for ?

Monday, February 25, 2002

I went galavanting (yikes where did that word come from - i must be tired) in the upper west side today. I got to hang out there some time with nothing to do. Nice area and that big park that is there seems like it would be fun to just relax in. Guess its time for sleep. I don't think its normal when it feels odd to go to sleep before three.

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Blogger don't you eat my archives - NO don't!
I can not wait till i no longer have to care about a computers fan. Never can i remember owning a computer where it had a quiet fan. Its one of those things that you don't usualy concider when purchasing a computer/laptop but is rather important. Even the laptop i am using at this moment (a friends) is way too loud. When i own a computer with a whisper fan i will sing Ode to the long forgotten loud computer fans

Friday, February 22, 2002

I just heard someone throw up. Came from outside my window. Wonder what he (sounded like a guy) drank/ate?
Going to work this week and next week has an odd feeling to it. My contract ended and i said goodbye to everyone. A few days later they needed me to come back and help. I think the weird feeling is because i was getting into the idea of doing nothing but relaxing, programming, and looking for a new job. But no worries - money and interesting assignments are not usualy turned down by me. So off to work I go ...

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Its spring and boy is it is nice out. Ok its not actual spring but you could have fooled me this morning.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

And this is a new post
This is a test of the BloggerAPI from inside of Radio 8 - if it works i will be a happy man - mainly because cross publication is damn cool - wow it worked - lets see if this posts a new post or just edits the old old one.
I have been neglecting this sight. Its not right but i can't help it - I am having soooooo much fun over at Joe's Radio Sandbox If you haven't gotten Radio 8 go for it - at least try it.

Can both these sites live together - not sure. hmmm maybe using Radio and the Blogger API i can post to both automagicaly. Interesting

Saturday, February 16, 2002

And a second second post...
So i am messing with how blogger posts my dates - let see how this looks

Friday, February 15, 2002

Everyone living in a city should read this: NY City Etiquette
Then go over to megnut because I got the link from her and she has a good blog.
Its been awhile since i posted because i have been working a lot. All that changed today - last day of my current job. Time to watch way too much tv, walk around aimlessly for hours, do all the programming projects i want to do, and buy a copy of Radio 8!

Oh yea i need to look for a job too!

Sunday, February 10, 2002

I respect Eve Andersson. For her brilliance, for her honesty, for her obsession with Pi, for her beauty, and for her eloquence.

See her side of the aD story: Diary of a Start-Up
Went to Long Island this weekend. Hung out with my friend Alex. Ya know LI reminds me of New Jersey. I mean it really could be a N.J suburb. Of course there are nicer stores and it cost more, but still. Another interesting thing about this weekend, the Long Island Rail Road. It was a rather nice journey. It stops at a bunch of convenient places around Long Island, clean, and really helpfull ticket collectors. So overall i am happy with LIRR. Oh yea and a round trip cost me 9 bucks - not bad.

Saturday, February 09, 2002

WOW - web services are all the craze i know but some of this stuff is just so cool - check this out: DIY its rather simple and very powerful - and right there. Must start playing with this stuff!

Friday, February 08, 2002

Blogger ate my post - thats the first time its happen to me - hope the beast enjoyed it.

The jist of it: woh did you see that ?

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Thats what i need a cell phone or small device to blog with - this guy is using his Newton and Radio - cool stuff

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I am starting to put up links. Links are fun!

Wonder if i could get blogger to do this

Sunday, February 03, 2002

I had a weird dream last night. In the past if I had a dream with my dad in it, he always appeared but rarely or never spoke. He was just there. In real life he passed away about 5 and half years ago but in my dreams once and awhile he would act as a character we could talk about but not really talk to. Last night that changed and was very odd to say the least. The premise of the dream was a what if scenario. What if my dad did not die but instead my parents had got divorced and he had moved far away. He turned out to be the head of a restaraunt called Chamble's (or something close to that).

What struck me in the dream was how normal my dad was and I think this is the reason he has never really acting in my dreams. I know i put my dad on a pedastel sometimes and possibly I subconciously forced myself not to "bring him down" for a dream.

ok enough psychological thought for 9:30 am on a sunday.

Saturday, February 02, 2002

Walking home tonight I thought of two distinct things. The first was regarding celebraties. I was walking and the couple in front of me asked another passing stranger if she knew who Ray Loita is. The girl said sure he was in Casino. They all laughed together and then walked on. Ray Loita brought them all together if only for a second. There are always people out there that we look up to in some way. Every group of people have this and this brings them together. So want if you were in a tribe and no celebrities, as we know it, existed. I would like to see if any research has been done regarding this, but my guess is that people will choose celebrities in the tribe. A person who can find lots of animals for dinner. Or the guy who brings back the best shrooms.

I think i am rambling - and so on to the next thing i was thinking on the way home. Is there a term for the time period between when one feels a pang of fear that something is going to happen or has happened and when they find out that it has or has not happened. This happens to me sometimes and is definitly an odd feeling. A sort of freedom sets in because if something bad really did happen then this is the last moment for awhile (depending how bad) that you will be free of that problem. Yes you are worried for whatever reason but you don't know yet so really can't harp on it. Its kind of like the feeling you get when walking outside right before a huge storm. Its going to storm almost definitly and you will be caught in it, but until then you are just enjoying the breeze and static in the air.

I went to the gym tonight - this should continue.

Friday, February 01, 2002

A mission of mine: write clean code! I do ok now but i am still young - and sometimes i look back at things i did in a haste and well - ewww.


Ok, thought i would just write this here so it is out there and i can look back and get motivated.
What is a person called when they constantly change their template on blogger or other blogs. Is it blogphrenia or is it just your plain old obsessive compulsive behavoir. I do not know - but i think i have it :)

I am running ad-Free - ohhh yea